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Through our collective generosity and support, the Red Door Campaign unlocks the power of our alumni to develop Balanced Men and foster the lifelong connections between them.

The Michigan Eta Alumni Volunteer Corporation (AVC) and active brothers have developed several projects to donate to the Red Door Campaign. The donation projects consist of three categories: Fostering the Brotherhood, Housing Fund, and Scholarships. Some of the categories have sub-projects that help reach the ultimate goal of the donation effort.  The first two categories are organized locally by Michigan Eta. The third category, Scholarships, is organized through Nationals. 

Donations can be provided through your time or through monetary donations. Projects accepting monetary donations are listed below and have a suggested minimum donation of $19.65 to commemorate the year of our Charter. The only monetary donations that are tax deductible are those provided to the Scholarships category. For more information on the projects, please email Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Wish to donate your time instead?  Click the button to find out non-monetary ways to help out the brotherhood.

Fostering the Brotherhood


In an effort to help recruit and develop the Balanced Men of our brotherhood, we have planned opportunities ranging from member development, programming, recruitment, and other facets of the brotherhood.

Brotherhood Retreat in the Keweenaw: The brothers are looking to do an overnight retreat in the Keweenaw. While at the retreat, the brothers plan to participate in outdoor activities including camping.  The raised funds will pay for food and other basic supplies, and potenially and rent out equipment such as kayaks or mountain bikes.


Recruitment: With traditional recruitment and rush efforts becoming less effective in recent years, the active brothers have taken a new approach in recruitment. Instead of large rush events advertised to the entire campus, the brothers have begun one-on-one and small group recruitment. These activities can range from outdoor activities to grabbing lunch. Funds raised will assist the active brotherhood with the associated costs of these activities.

Housing Fund

As we all know, our house has seen better days even with all of the work we have put into improving the house lately. We have made major improvements, including replacing the flooring on the first floor, the first to second floor stairways, doors and windows, and several other projects. Unfortunately, there are more projects that are needed to be completed to continue improving the house. Additionally, we have recently allocated $7000 for some repairs prior to the 2020 reunion, mainly focused on repairing the main basement area.

The current project we are focusing our efforts on is the roof. The roof has seen many Houghton winters, and a contractor recently informed us that it only will be able to handle a couple more. We have received quotes for roof replacement, and the estimated cost will be about $40,000. We are targeting the summer of 2021 to replace the roof. Our  goal for the roof is to raise $20,000 through the Red Door Campaign, and use our savings to pay for the other half. As of February 2020, our RDC funds allocated for the roof are at $13,000, leaving only $7000 to be raised prior to the 2021 summer.


We are hoping to promote our fraternity’s values by rewarding the brothers who most exemplify them the best by providing the scholarships listed below.

Academic Excellence Award Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the brother with the highest GPA from the previous school year.

The Heart Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the brother who gives back, has heart, and most exemplifies the cardinal principles of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. 

Other Scholarships: If you have other ideas for a scholarship, please let us know. 

You can reach us through the contact form below if you are interested in contributing to a scholarship fund.