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Red Door Campaign Completed Projects


Basement Ceiling

After some incidents with water damage and years of general abuse, we hired a contractor to install a new, sturdy ceiling in the basement.

New Doors

While also working on the basement, our contractor additionally installed two new doors in the house. The frame was properly fixed, and the new doors actually close (and stay closed)!.


Mortgage Eliminated

While the Red Door Campaign did not directly pay off the mortgage, the funds raised for the RDC projects gave Michigan Eta the financial flexiblity to pay off the mortgage for good. We’re debt free! Our actives no longer are faced with the burden of paying the mortgage, which allows the chapter to allocate its funds in a more productive manner.


The active brothers of Michigan Eta enjoyed a retreat in the Keweenaw at the Marsin Nature Area & Retreat.

New Tables and Chairs

After years of “engineered” repairs to our Mini-Mub tables and chairs, Michigan Eta was able to purchase a new set, thanks to the generous donations Red Door Campaign.